Bodegas Peique consolidates in the international market

Importers of wines from Bodegas Peique in the United States and Switzerland, Steve Miles from Steve Miles Selections and Stefan Graf from Vinarius AG visited the facilities and vineyard of the Peique family last weekend in Valtuille de Abajo.


Steve Miles and his team of distributors in the United States visited the facilities and the vineyard of Bodegas Peique in Valtuille de Abajo last Saturday 8 of September. Also, on Sunday 9 September, Stefan Graf, the importer of wines from the winery in Switzerland, came with a group of businessmen and owners of hospitality business, to know firsthand the wines of Bodegas Peique in the dates close to Beginning of the harvest.

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The visits of the importers mentioned above are part of the strategy of positioning, consolidation and coherent development of the image of Bodegas Peique to the target public in the international market, enhancing its brand and becoming a reference of the wine sector.

Both Steve Miles and Stefan Graf have highlighted the importance of the Peique family vineyard in the result of their wines, as well as the creative concept of the winery and the commitment to differentiation, marketing a range of innovative wines that generate enthusiasm in the wines. Consumers and are the reflection of the vanguard oenological in the Bierzo.

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In addition to the visits of our importers in the US and Switzerland, Steve and Stefan, we had the pleasure of having English pilgrims, Italian tourists and a group of visitors sent by a travel agency.




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