Experiences Peique in Astorga

Days pass and memories come out like life in spring. Yes, it is true, we are living an atypical spring in terms of climatological influence. Even yesterday we heard a weather trend that suppresses the summer of 2013. But in one way or another we continue to make our dreams come true and share experiences and emotions with friends.

We have presented the wines of the Peique family in Astorga in two different locations of the Maragata city and we have verified how the present and past life, history is present in multiple spaces visible at first sight and at other times underground. City over another city, Asturica Augusta.

Our first meeting was at the Entrepreneur restaurant & wine bar , located in the main square of Astorga. We enjoy the presence of the Leonese Academy of Gastronomy, of harmonious sensations and shared pleasures in a space that initially surprises by its aesthetics.

In front of the vinoteca is Flor who coordinates with style to his equipment. From the first moment we felt part of the space and as if we had grown between the stone walls of the restaurant, we gave ourselves to a gastronomy very carefully in a perfect harmony with the wines of the Peique Family.



In the afternoon, after a walk in the city, we go to our second appointment in Astorga in the Gaudí hotel . The hotel is located in the monumental area of the city and from its rooms you can admire the cathedral or the episcopal palace of Gaudí.

Dona Concha, owner of the hotel, welcomes us and generates the enthusiasm of a family like ours. We enter a room where about fifty people are waiting for us.

César Farrapeira, our distributor in Astorga, introduces Jorge Peique and from that moment a connection is established with the attending public.

The colors, flavors and aromas of our wines build a geometric history while the fervor of our friends of Astorga, our family, becomes volume as if Antoni Gaudí had designed it.

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