Areas, the coexistence between painting, sculpture and wine

The next 7 November will open the exhibition areas at the Modus Operandi gallery in Madrid. It shows the work of two great artists: María José de La Chica and José María Casanova. And our Peique Tinto Mencía will be part of the gastronomic tasting that will accompany the artistic discipline.

María José de La Chica (Madrid, 1960), artist, designer, illustrator and decorator, who has applied all her work experience in personal painting research, shares space with José María Casanova (Burgos, 1956), renowned sculptor of the Spanish artistic scene, who has made numerous public monuments such as those found in Pinto, Torrelodones or Pozuelo de Alarcón, and in numerous institutions.

The exhibition shows how the coexistence between two disciplines, painting and sculpture, can turn gallery space into a three-dimensional world that invites the viewer to enter and participate in it.

The work of both has in common a concept that goes beyond the aesthetics itself. The idea of creating an environment, an atmosphere, a state. Therefore, the characters that are part of it, are not inert bodies that occupy a place, but live figures that bring character and identity to the space in which they are.

This idea is easily seen in the nests of María José de La Chica, intimate spaces that house an interior, but on this occasion open to the viewer in infinite ways where the gaze is lost. The fondness and practice of Maria José by Land Art can be seen in these works in which nature has left a mark, a mark, a mark of its identity.

These forms are joined to the human in the sculptures of José María Casanova. Of realistic content but of expressionist execution, its personages exaltan the human relations and provide to the place in which they are, an emotional load so intense that also creates an environment. Wood, bronze or steel are materials that allow you to explore the figures and integrate them into the environment, achieving a dialogue between character and space.

In short, we could say that the spaces of María José and the characters of Casanova, shake hands in an exhibition that seeks to break the boundaries between human beings, art and nature.

INAUGURATION on 07.11.13 from 19:00 to 20:30
With cheese tasting MARQUÉS DE MENDIOLA, artisan bread LAZARENO
And wine PEIQUE TINTO MENCÍA , presented by the brand STARS OF GASTRONOMY.

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