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The history of our family was born in Valtuille de Abajo, a village with no more than a hundred neighbors, where the anecdotes around the vineyard and the wine were a topic in each house. The teachings of our elders, the effort and the work forged the spirit of our family.
From a young age we knew the hardness of the field work and that the results not only depend on the effort but also on each year climatological conditions. As we grew up, we toured an exciting path, understanding why to trim in a certain way, the importance of plowing the land, the flowering time, or why in August it had to rain but not too much … and why our grandfather, Ramon Valle, became so nervous every year as the grape harvest approached. All of this made us to love the vineyard.


In 1999 we made the 10,000 bottles of our first vintage year. The first two years in facilities provided by friends in their cellars, we had nothing but great enthusiasm. Almost 20 years later we have all the necessary means to elaborate all our wines range. Humbleness, but with a very clear idea, we knew that in an area of small farmsteads, where there are hardly any differences between the parcels of different wineries, the distinction must be made in the treatment of the vineyard and in the wine making process, so experimentation and research are fundamental concepts in the definition of each product.
“Wine is a living element in constant evolution”


“You have to take a lot of care of a wine that bears your name, the one you have to be most proud”. (Jorge Peique)
We elaborate a wide range of wines that express the terroir of our vineyards and the philosophy that has been developing during the last three generations of our family in Valtuille de Abajo. We have been aiming to create wines with character and differentiation, personalized and authentic. Because behind each wine there are the people and all our wines make a family.


Today, we are present in the main provinces of the national territory and we export our wines to the most important international markets.



  Cada año es un reto en la elaboración de...


Cada año es un reto en la elaboración de los...


Cada año es un reto en la elaboración de los...


Come to El Bierzo to have a great experience which will make you feel part of our family.
We want you to feel part of our family and enjoy an unlimited oenological experience in El Bierzo. We will explain how we elaborate our wines and some of our secrets. You will also see how the tradition and knowledge that our grandfather Ramon Valle transmitted to us about the earth care is transmitted in each wine.


If you are a romantic person and you want to surprise your partner, do not hesitate to visit us and enjoy our wines, it is a sensory experience for two in El Bierzo.
At noon, when the sensations are at their highest point we will take you to a charming restaurant where you can taste the wines of our winery harmonized with the gastronomic surprises of El Bierzo.


In this route you will enjoy the scenery of Valtuille de Abajo and you will have different views of a wine growing area where the varieties of Mencía and Godello grapes are the reference for our wines.
The route starts in our winery and end in Villafranca del Bierzo. We will follow the path of the Camino de Santiago, through its history, people and illusions. The pedaling rhythm is up to you.


We will explain how we elaborate our wines and some of our secrets, and you will also see the tradition and knowledge that our grandfather Ramon Valle transmitted to us.
We believe that the origin is as an indelible and decisive factor in the characteristics of our wines. We invite you to feel the terroir in each glass and you can value the wine directly from the barrels and the tanks.

Primavera peique 6
Spring Peique 6
Primavera peique 1
Spring Peique 1
Spring Peique 2
Primavera peique 2
Primavera peique 3
Spring Peique 3
Primavera peique 4
Spring Peique 4
Primavera peique 5
Spring Peique 5
Primavera peique 7
Verano peique 1
Summer Peique 1
Summer Peique 2
Verano peique 2
Verano peique 4
Summer Peique 4
Verano peique 8
Summer Peique 5
Verano peique 5
Verano peique 7
Summer Peique 7
Summer Peique 6
Verano peique 6
Verano peique 3
Summer Peique 3
Autumn peique 1
Otoño peique 1
Otoño peique 6
Autumn peique 2
Autumn peique 5
Otoño peique 5
Otoño peique 3
Autumn peique 3
Otoño peique 4
Autumn peique 4
Invierno peique 1
Invierno peique 1
Winter peique 1
Winter peique 4
Invierno peique 4
Winter peique 2
Invierno peique 2
Invierno peique 5
Winter peique 5
Invierno peique 3
Winter peique 3
Invierno peique 6
Winter peique 6
Invierno peique 6
Invierno peique 8
Invierno peique 7
Winter peique 7
Invierno peique 7
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